Virat Kohli used twitter as a weapon to ensure win for his team in upcoming IPL

Virat Kohli and his tweets kept an eye on everything they want to make unsuccessful. Virat Kohli with his tweets has been an undefeated pair. On various occasions, Virat Kohli’s tweets have taken down whatever they want and remained in the memer’s eyes.

Indian Premiere League is almost at the door and this time Virat Kohli took on the twitter to ensure win for his team in the upcoming season of IPL. Yes, Virat Kohli tweeted the luck to his opponent teams.

Memers took over the internet as soon as the RCB captain tweeted. They all claimed that Virat Kohli used his tweet as the last option to win the trophy in 13th edition of the league.

Well, Cricket Maniacs like me can now only wait for the excitement we were missing from a very long time.