Why “13 Reasons Why” is so Popular in India

13 Reasons Why is a American mystery teen web drama series based on 2007 novel (THIRTEEN REASONS WHY) Written by Jay Asher and adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix.The serial revolves around a high school student Clay Jensen and his friend Hannah Baker, A girl who takes her own life after suffering from demoralising circumstances bought on by selected individuals at her school. A box of Cassette tapes recorded by hannah before her suicide details why she ended her life.

Is 13 Reasons why relatable to India?

India has a very high suicide rate. In 2015 alone, 44,000 people ended their own lives aged 18-30 And among the students, one committed Suicide every hour the same year.The leading cause of death among young Indians today is considered to be self-destruction or them killing themselves. And one of the biggest reason for this is academic pressure.In India, when young people struggle under pressure, they have very few counselors to turn to. In fact, for a country of 1.2 billion population, India has only 3500 psychiatrists.

Even the parents and family members ignore the fact that their children have a mental problem and are depressed. The series might not focus on education and shine more light towards the harassment and other enfeeble situations. But it still shows how a teenager suffers in school and in their lives. Something every parent needs to be aware of their children.Now that the show is return for the second season, hence the question arises, did “13 Reasons Why” stimulate an important conversation in the country? Or is the condition still the same or maybe even worse?