Why Cheteshwar Pujara is an underrated batsman?

When he comes to bat no whistles were blown. No body claps.He has no fire power like other stars. He mainly thinks of leaving the ball rather than playing it.He is not seen in IPL. In fact no franchisee takes him.Even his juniors earn 10 times more money than him.

He sometimes bores his opponents as well as his teammates with his batting.

But he is the difference between a win and defeat in a test match, particularly out side sub continent. He is most under rated and under noticed yet the main Batsman of Indian test squad. He is Cheteshwar Pujara.

Why he is under rated? If he was born in 1960’s are so he would have been in the topmost position in Indian Cricket history. But due to introduction of One day Cricket and lately T20 cricket, the definition of cricket has changed. Spectators and viewers expect fire works from Batsman. They watch cricket for enjoyment.

We are unfortunate to live in an age where KL Rahul is rated above Vihari and Maxwell has more popularity than Williamson. The advent of T20 has changed both a player’s approach and a viewer’s perception towards Test cricket. While Pandya is earning truckloads of money in IPL and advertisements, it is disappointing to see a classic player like Pujara without an IPL contract. He can work like magic on bowling tracks and strengthen the top order. But we only want swashbuckling sixes, don’t we?

He makes batting look beautiful in the games where the other batsmen struggle. His class, temperament and patience cannot be described in words. He has a wide range of shots. He times the ball with a grace that is a wonder to watch. He gives a same kind of the stability to the order which the likes of Dravid or Laxman had given. He is a gem. Let us preserve him.

Is he underrated?

→ Yes!


→ For being a Lara in the age of Maxwell or a Dhondi.

If there was an IPL of Test cricket, this man wouldn’t return without a contract of less than 15 crores.