Why You Should Start Following Your Favourite Pages on Instagram

Over the past couple of years, FB has become less and less popular among teenagers. It was once the most used form of social media, but recently teens have been using Instagram more frequently due to the fact that  Facebook is often too complicated and overrun by parents.

Let’s be real, the only reason people go on FB nowadays is to watch memes or puns. Writing on people’s FB walls is now a thing of the past, and this once popular website serves very little purpose. But,  the FB in the last few months had made several changes in their algorithm which affects many FB pages badly. The reach level of post has also been decreased in last few years, due to which many new creative meme pages are unable to grow their community.

Due to the increase in the number of FB pages, Facebook is taking strict actions against them. Recently more then 5 Indian  meme pages has been deleted (without notifying admins) from FB. Including your favorite one’s Sarcasm with 4 crore likes, Logic Humor with 11 lakh likes, The Viral Indian with 9 lakh likes, dear google and Unofficial Bombay High Court . I think FB should not do these because the only reason people use FB is memes and puns.


Every person who makes meme has one motive i.e. to keep people happy by their memes. Yes it is true that some memes can hurt feelings and sometimes people get offended by that also… but the permanent deletion of the Facebook page is not the correct way to answer. Most of the time,  admins have only one source of earnings, i.e. their Facebook page. But who’s care…?

If someday CiS θ : Commonsense is seriously Complex is deleted remember the name because its COMPLEX ☹️.

Now in this condition we’ve only one platform left to entertain you and spread educational memes with our large audience is INSTAGRAM.  FB is getting strict and strict day by day. So we are here to request our followers kindly follow us on Instagram to stay connect with us. Not even us if you love other pages follow them too. Otherwise it’d be impossible to get such great followers like you.

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