Wow cool post, thanks for sharing!

Facebook, for the past week more or less, has been affected by this comment. It’s a new trend that is flooding most of the comment threads of some popular Facebook pages. It looks to seem out of the blue. What the hell is up, exactly?

Sorry to disappoint. This isn’t a result of appreciation for “cool posts” on Facebook. It all started to protest against a page named IGN(an American video game and entertainment website). If you open the facebook page, you will see the thousands of same comment. On 9 May 2019, a group of people flooded the page’s comment thread with “Wow cool post IGN, thanks for sharing“, as a sign of protest for posting non-gaming related content.

According to a Reddit user, “many trolls are trying to get IGN to stop posting by spamming them because IGN is too woke these days. They are commenting the same comment because according to Facebook’s algorithm, on flooding the same comment again and again in a post, the Facebook detected it as a bot and spam the post and sometimes page too. After that many people joined in simply because they saw other people doing it without knowing why.

It quickly unfold throughout IGN posts, and therefore the rest is history.


Some are saying that these comment trend are primarily from post spamming. It started from Facebook accounts that use an auto-commenting program to frequently post content on many Facebook pages. A number of the phrases getting used are the following: “New top fan share ko lang”, “Waiting for my top fan badge!”, “New top fan! i recommend this!!”, “Top fan checking in …” and also the latest is that the “Wow cool post, thanks for sharing”.

The main purpose of spammers spreading these quite comment is to eventually earn a top Fan badge to get perks like comment highlight, raffles prizes, and fan ranking. If you are on Facebook, then you may be aware of the social networking service’s “Top Fan Badge.” This specific badge is awarded to users who actively interact (like, share, and comment) with certain pages or groups.

After a wave of comments spammed, plenty of individuals truly joined the trend and unknowingly became a part of it. This sort of trend is understood as “CopyPasta” and it’s not new.

How to Block these Comments

So, if you are an admin of an page and want to avoid these comments showing in your comments section, you may check the Moderation Settings of the Facebook page.

To do that, go to Settings > General.

Look for the Page Moderation, then paste the exact phrase to block.

Click Save Changes to use.

Doing this will mark those comments as spam and therefore the page admin can approve or delete the content. This is also the most effective way to hunt users who do these spam comments.