Wrongly believing he has coronavirus, Andhra man kills self in order to ‘stop spread’

Everyone in this vast world is now aware of rapidly spreading virus i.e. Coronavirus. This virus originates from China and is seen in people who love to eat Non-Veg. like raw meat and even rats and bats.

Some cases of this epidemic have been spotted in southern parts of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. There are many organizations which are using awareness programs and asking people to get their treatment done as soon as they find a little of the symptoms.

But sometimes a lot more knowledge is dangerous as well. A case similar to this has been reported in Andhra Pradesh state. A man who was aware of symptoms suffered from a cold but he mistook it as the symptoms of Coronavirus. Since an antidote is not yet prepared, that man could think of only way to stop it from spreading. He committed suicide. But later, when the dead body was examined by the doctors, there was no evidence of this deadly virus.


The man who committed suicide was wrong about him being the infectant of Coronavirus. This made this man heroic, nothing but a butt of a joke. A simple advice from the team of Cistheta, get yourself examined before attempting such heroics.

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